Zafuko®: Soft Props & Mobile Meditation Cushions

20 Jul

Zafuko®: Soft Props & Mobile Meditation Cushions

Zafuko®: Soft Props & Mobile Meditation Cushions

Zafuko® Yoga & Meditation Cushion - Burgundy/Blue and Burgundy/Orange

In the spring and summer, I have the good fortune to teach a weekly mindfulness class in Salt Lake City’s beautiful Red Butte Garden. Each week, my students and I get to enjoy the ever-changing landscape at the arboretum while we take the 7-minute walk to our meditation spot. Because I bring other paraphernalia with me—tingsha bells, notes and a camera with a macro lens—I need to be judicious about what I bring to sit on. Instead of my much-loved, but rather heavy, V-Shaped Meditation Cushion, I bring a Zafuko® Foldable Yoga and Meditation Cushion.

Whether your favorite practice involves yoga, meditation or both, practicing outside can be inspiring and invigorating. But the thought of transporting props can sometimes put a damper on your practice. The Zafuko® cushion I take to my mindfulness class weighs just 1.5 pounds. It’s perfect for the unpredictable outdoor surfaces we sometimes encounter in classes. (We sometimes have to move the class location, depending on what else is happening in the garden.)

Zafuko® is a relatively new product for Hugger Mugger. These firm, lightweight, kapok-filled cushions come in five different designs. Two of these designs offer two size options. Each design is crafted to allow you to use the cushion in different, often innovative, ways.

Zafuko®: Lots of Options

Here’s a breakdown of Zafuko® options:

Zafuko Yoga & Meditation Cushion - Teal/Turquoise (Front View)

Yoga & Meditation Cushion: This cushion is the simplest Zafuko® design. It’s a rectangular cushion that you can use for sitting meditation. But you can also use it in some of the ways you might use a Yoga Block. For example, you can place it under your hips for support in seated poses or under your hands in Lunge Poses (Anjaneyasana).

Zafuko Rollable Yoga & Meditation Cushion - Burgundy/Orange

Rollable Yoga & Meditation Cushion: This rollable cushion is great for yoga practice, as well as meditation. Roll it up to place under your knees in Savasana (Relaxation Pose), or place it under your hips in Virasana (Hero’s Pose) to relieve knee pressure. Unroll it and use it to cushion your knees in Lunge Poses and Ustrasana (Camel Pose). This cushion comes in two sizes—regular and large.

Zafuko DL45 - Green/Light Pink

Foldable Yoga & Meditation Cushion: This foldable cushion gives you a choice of two heights of support. Folded, it’s the same size as the Yoga & Meditation Cushion. Unfolded, it’s half the height, but twice the area. Use it for sitting meditation or for support under your hips in Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose) or Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose). This cushion also comes in regular or large sizes.

Zafuko Double Foldable Meditation Cushion - Black/Red

Double Foldable Meditation Cushion: This cushion is twice the size of the previous foldable cushion. This gives you more options for support. For example, if you need extra support to keep your spine in a healthy position, you can fold it to a height twice that of the above cushion. Or you can fold part of the cushion and lay the rest of it flat so that both your hips and legs are supported.

Zafuko Three Fold Thai Cushion - Burgundy/Blue

Three-Fold Thai Cushion: The Three-Fold Thai Cushion is the most elaborate of the Zafuko® choices. You can use the Three-Fold Thai Cushion as a reading wedge or as a knee support in Savasana. It’s great for reading, napping or just plain lounging.

In the spring and summer, I have the good fortune to teach a weekly mindfulness class in Salt Lake City’s beautiful Red Butte Garden. Each week,…

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Author: Charlotte Bell